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The Lismorahaun Singers
Our Vision is
Connecting individuals who love singing and are passionate about communicating this joy

We aim to achieve this vision by:

What is ‘Open Singing’?

The technique of ‘open singing’ refers specifically to the voice production system brought to Lismorahaun in 1998 by Australian opera singer and vocal coach, Penelope Bruce. Her work is based on the teaching system of the great tenor, the late Eduardo Asquez. It is the principle method that has formed the basis of the teaching of founder-conductor of the Lismorahaun Singers, Archie Simpson.

The results of this philosophy and approach to singing have been very positive. Both from a soloist and choral standpoint great achievement have been made through Archie Simpson’s. Young singers trained by Archie using this philosophy are currently performing in professional performances in Europe and America.

Among the solos artists that have already graduated from this philosophy of singing are Peter O’Donohue, a rising young tenor with considerable depth to his youthful performance, Mezzo Soprano Naomi O’Connell, a multi award winning young soprano currently performing in New York and worldwide as well as Dean Power tenor baritone based in Munich who has a very individual voice that has brought him awards and acclaim both at home and abroad. At the choral level the vocal approach of the Lismorahaun Singers has been lauded by leading musicians in Ireland and overseas.

The musical direction of the Lismorahaun Singers is focused to embrace the ‘open singing’ method and advocates that it be embraced and practiced by the leaders and conductors within the choir thus passing on enthusiasm, a tradition that has in large part resulted in the unique sound of the Lismorahaun choir.

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